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What I Eat In a Vegan Day

As I mentioned in this video, you guys have inspired me to really look into veganism by bringing it to my attention on my channel, blog and social media, asking me about vegan  ingredient swaps or how to veganize some of my existing recipes.  You guys shared your testimonials with me on how it’s changed the way you see food and how it’s made a difference in your lives and it got me really curious.

I’ve now been on my vegan cleanse for 3.5 months and I have to say that my energy has never been consistently higher, my skin, hair and nails have never looked better and I’ve somehow effortlessly been losing weight while focusing on nourishing my body with cleaner, more nutrient dense food.  As an added bonus, I’ve also noticed that my grocery bill has gone down significantly.  Of course there are the important environmental and ethical impacts of adopting a more plant based diet as well.  In today’s video as well as in my new upcoming e-book, Beginner Vegan we’re focusing on just how easy and satisfying it can be.

In today’s video, I started with my beloved, go-to green smoothie.  It varies by the season or what I feel my body needs but todays had fresh or powder moringa, brown spotty frozen bananas {for easier digestion, higher antioxidants and sweetness}, dark cherries {or wild bluebs/pineapple/mango/etc}, soaked chia, hemp and/or flax and a combination of turmeric tea and fresh coco water to thin it out.  You can really use whatever you like or have and I wrote an entire superfood smoothie guide you can reference if you’re unfamiliar with how to supercharge your drink.


I’ve been experimenting with kimpbap or sushi rolls a lot lately and one of the more simpler ones is featured today.  My ultimate, stuffed roll will be in my e-book as well as the chili I made today.  However, the crowning glory of today’s feast has to be my black bean brownie.  It took me 6 trial runs but I finally perfected this naturally gluten-free treat that’s rich with deep, dark, intense chocolate and melting chunks running throughout the whole thing.  Black beans actually bring not only antioxidants, but structure, moisture and fudginess.  It is absolute delicious alchemy.



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